Vacation Apartments close to the sea in Drage, Croatia (Kornats, North-Dalmatia)    (drage infoliste englisch 2016-01)


List of information (not guaranteed):

-   Fam. Barešić, Mrs. Sandra Barešić (speaks good English and German), Dolaške Drage („Lower part of Drage“), Franka Lisice (= street) House 4, will provide you with the apartment keys.
Mobil: 00385-91- 89 59 085

-   Important: when using the washing machine place the drain hose in the bathtub during use (Top 1)

-   Recommended items: “bathing shoes” in case of sea urchins, insect repellent (as a precaution during the evenings),

-   The landlord does not assume liability, especially for items of value

-   Please note that some recommended businesses or restaurants (and the like) could be closed outside the high season (July, August) 




There is a safe in every apartment for free use.



Fishing tackle: Biograd,  Marinera, Krešimirova Obala 11; Tel.: 384-882

Fresh water fishing: Vrana Lake (see "Distances")


Picture Post Cards:

Are free for the taking in both of the apartments



Please present your passport to Mrs. Sandra for the purpose of registration. Your exact address: Hrvatska (=Croatia) 23211 Pakoštane, Dolaške Drage (=Lower part of Drage), Zadarska 59, (kray Golub = next door to Fam. Golub). Owner and landlord: Dr. Joerg Crailsheim. Visitors’ taxes are included in the rental price.


Cash Machine (international):

Closest: at the petrol station on the way to Biograd, on the highway just before the turnoff to Pakoštane, others in all major towns.


Boat Fuel:

Biograd, where the ferries depart to Pašman


Boat Rentals:

Depending upon size, “Drage Old Harbour” for small boats, Pakoštane, larger boats: Biograd, marina



Smaller Shops:

On the way to the main road, to the right just before the main road: butcher and grocer’s shop

On the main road across from the driveway to our house, additional shops on the main road in town.

Large Supermarket: turnoff to Biograd, proceed toward the centre, immediately on the left-hand side.


Distances (approximate, in kilometers) :

To the North: Pakoštane:  6 ,  freshwater lake: near the turnoff  to Pakoštane, from there approximately 1 km, Biograd 11 (city limits), Zadar: 37,

To the South: Vodice: 24km., Šibenik: 34., Primošten: 60, Trogir: 95, Split: 115



Pakoštane: from 6:00 PM onward (usually later): wooden benches right in front of the ferry station: grilled lamb (janjetina) and suckling pig (odoljak)


On the main road from Drage (toward Biograd on the right):  Konoba; Restaurant mediteran; Restaurant Galeb (set back somewhat); Restaurant-Pension "Stipe" Tel.: 381-521


Drage, “Old Harbour”: restaurant Gostionica Marko, right by the sea, very beautiful view


Restaurant at the campsite on Lake Vrana (see “Distances”) "Restauran v jezero": freshwater fish, breaded /grilled frog’s legs (not always) "žablji kraci na žaru/ pohani, also features a children’s playground.


Biograd: Ribelji Restaurant "Guste" vl.V.Bašić: very good fish eatery at the harbour with a guest garden, but without a view of the sea. During the high season, reservations are recommended during the evenings. Telephone: 023 (= area code for Biograd and Drage, only relevant when calling externally, or by mobile) 383-025.


Biograd: „Dupin“, very good cuisine (fish!), drive to the marina, stay right, once past the shipyard, walk down the closed road (about 300 meters), on the beach on the right hand side Bošana 091 583 0257, 091 521 9240


Vodice (see “Distances”): Restaurant Santa Maria,  Mexican specialities, pizza, steak, if anything expensive and very good


Reataurant “Kapela” 16 km to the south (shortly before the turnoff  to Murta, on the highway to the left) and especially the following “Restaurant Marin”: recommendable at both: grilled lamb (Janjetina)


Restaurant „Adrijana“, 2310 Otok (= Island) Vrgada + 385 (023) 371 085, tested 2007 and 2008, inexpensive and exquisite fish dishes with a beautiful view, reservations are recommended during July/August (especially during main mealtime). Departure by ferry (inexpensive) from Pakoštane or from Drage, directly opposite (with a 5 hp boat, appr. 25 minutes).



Official: Camping Kosirina (Murta Island, accessible by car), town: Bettina

Unofficial: on various parts of the coast, e.g. next to the Club Mediterane towards Biograd


Bottle Return:

Deposit is relatively high, returns only allowed upon presentation of the original receipt (on which the returnable bottles are listed) at the place of purchase. Plastic bottles, tins, and non-returnable bottles may be returned in larger shops (supermarkets). One receives Kuna per item.



In Split (= to the south) and Zadar (to the north)


Garden/Herbs and The Like:

In the house’s “front garden,” you’ll discover rosemary (next to the amphora), passion fruit (above the covered parking spot), as well as lemon thyme (in the flower trough by the stairs). The small almond tree will still need a bit of time to bear fruit. It is possible to pluck bay leaves from the hedge to the neighbours on the right (by the view of the sea), and juniper and lavender are available along the opposite edge of the property. Rosemary, lavender, a fig tree and an olive tree can all be found in the “rear garden”. Guests are free to make use of whatever is ripe.



Frequent donkey rides and electric cars in Pakoštane (only evenings during high season), small amusement park, also see “Sandy Beach”

Large amusement park in Biograd



The next hospital is in Biograd (specialises in orthopaedics, but is always recommended  in the case of emergencies). An “animal hospital” can also be found there. To make it clear: Bolnica = hospital, Opća = general


  • Specijalna Bolnica za Ortopediju Biograd na Moru

Zadarska 62

Biograd na moru

Tel:0038523 383 004

  • Opća Bolnica Šibenik, Lokacia Knin


Kralja Svetoslava Suronje 12

00385 (0)22 663 732

  • Opća Bolnica Šibenik


Stjepana Radića 83

0038522 246 246

  • Opća Bolnica Zadar

Bože Peričića 5


Tel:0038523 315 677

  • Klinička Bolnica Split

Spinčićeva 1


        Tel:00385 21 556 111



Mobile Phone

The radio reception in our house is usually very good.


Rubbish Collection:

Usually very early in the morning. You’ll know it’s collection day when the neighbours put out their rubbish bags (2 to 3 times a week during high season). Likewise, please place your rubbish bags in the bin.

Unfortunately, rubbish is not separated in Drage, refer to “Bottle Return”



Parking is subject to charge in Biograd’s centre. Daily and weekly tickets are available at the kiosks. In Drage (our street), it is of vital importance to allow sufficient space for the large rubbish lorry to pass (and the fire department in emergencies), otherwise rubbish will not be collected, and your car will be towed.


Horseback Riding:

In Biograd Mr. Vencel (with prior registration): 0038 (0) 98 930 1255 (I have yet to try it), they speak English, German, Croatian, Hungarian


Sandy Beach:

-   Small gravel beach with freshwater shower: 5 minutes from the house in Drage toward the small harbour

-   On the island Vrgada, almost directly across from Drage. Numerous daily boats from Pakoštane and from Biograd. Times from Sept. 2009, 10:00 AM Departure Pakoštane, return 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM, July and August more frequent intervals. There is a sandy beach about 15 minutes’ walk to the right (from the point of view of the arriving boat), and a stony beach to the left.


Boat Supplies:

Biograd, "Nautika" across from the bus station, Tel. 384 319, among others


Petrol Station:

On the main road to Biograd, on the right-hand side, level with the turnoff to Pakoštane



Diving equipment rentals and diving courses are available in Pakoštane and Biograd, among others.



In Biograd near the bus station (also comes to Drage), Tel. from mobile: 00385-23-383-898 or 00385-91-518-5479,  From land line: 023-383-898 or 091-518-5479


Telephone (land line and general):

Code to Austria: 0043, to Germany 0049 and area code (without zero)

Code to Croatia: 00385, Drage: (0)23

Prepaid card phone: about: 50 meters (coming from the vacation home) to the right, on the left hand side of the road, and in front of the Restaurant Mediteran (on the main road in Drage toward Biograd). Telephone cards are available in Pakoštane and Biograd at the post offices.



20 tennis courts in Biograd.



After the gateway toward Biograd, left hand side (information sign)



Table Tennis:

A table and net are located in the garage, and freely available for our guests. Please arrange use with the residents of the second apartment. The best solution is usually for those using the table to park their car directly in front of the garage door. This can also help prevent children from running onto the street to retrieve a ball.

 Three more tables are also available right next to the camping site on Lake Vrana. Net, paddles, etc. must be brought one’s self.


Transportation (public) via Drage:

 Departure times below

 from Drage highway to Zadar (via Biograd), from July 2009. Please inquire at the bus station for up-to-date timetables (or with Sandra’s help):

 07:15, 7:20, 7:30, 8:50, 9:40,10:05, 10:40, 11:50, 12:40, 13:15, 13:50, 14:00, 14:40, 15:05, 16:50, 17:10, 17:38, 18:40, 21:35, 22:15


From Biograd toward Drage/Split:

 6:30, 7:30, 8:10, 8:35, 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:09, 12:30, 13:15, 14:45, 15:05, 15:35, 16:00, 17:15, 18:00, 18:30, 19:35, 23:15


Tickets in Drage and Biograd are available directly from the driver, in Zadar and Split from the ticket agencies.


Route to the Beach:

For the shortest route, cross the dead-end street in front of the house slightly to the left, and take the stairs through the small strip of woods to the stony beach.

Those wishing to avoid the stairs should stay to the right, turning left after about 100 meters (past 2 bars), then walk left (or right) along the beach promenade.